Moon and Heart Perfume Locket

Moon and Heart Perfume Locket

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This is such a great idea. Where I work, some calming essential oils would be really nice, but setting up a diffuser is out of the question. Wearing them as perfumes doesn't seem to last as long as I'd like, either. This is the perfect solution. The little puff balls fit inside their heart-shaped “cage” and retain their scents throughout the day.

I appreciate the different colors available, too, so I can use different ones to match my outfit that day, and to keep different ones set aside for particular scents. The necklace looks larger in the photos than it really is; the moon measures about 1.25″ tall. It looks really nice, and is perfect for work or casual settings.

It's easy to remove the puff balls, which I often do before dining, and the necklace looks great without, too. This is a really clever idea and a nice help to me each day.

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