Easy Home Cooking Books

Easy Home Cooking Books

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My kids love to bake — and my husband loves to eat what they bake — but sometimes it’s too hard or time-consuming for them to measure everything out, and a few times we were out of one ingredient or another, wasting what they’d already used and disappointing everyone. With this book I can make up a master mix — cookies, muffin, cake, or all-purpose, etc. — in just a few minutes, and then just add an ingredient or two to make a specific recipe. It’s super easy, and not only does it save them (and me!) time in the kitchen, it means more fresh-baked goodies around the house — and thus, a happier family, all around!


Whenever our family gets together, it seems like they want to cook something on our outdoor grill. It’s a convenient way to cook lots of flavorful foods, but our recipe list is pretty slim — hot dogs, hamburgers, and… really, that’s about it. This book includes lots of innovative meal ideas we can prepare quickly for everyone(!), with all or part of the cooking done on the grill. We really enjoy the “almost stir-fry rice” — it really does go with just about everything, and the steak street tacos, with a simple bar arrangement of condiments and toppings, is another huge hit. The grilled “wow corn!” on the cob is another welcome addition to our family get-togethers. So glad we got this book!

I remember watching a movie where an Indian mother worries about whether or not she taught her now-grown daughters how to cook meals properly for their new families. She perserveres and eventually concludes, “I taught her to make aloo gobi; the rest is up to God.” Now, with my own daughter off in her own new marriage, I know how she feels. Except that the handful of recipes I know she can cook well is nowhere near enough to feed them both healthily and happily. But I know they’re working a lot and very busy. The recipes in this book are quick, easy, and geared for couples to make and enjoy in just a few minutes. I’m surprised at how many of my own family’s recipes are includes, albeit, I must admit, in improved recipes, that are quicker and easier to prepare. I made the pasta primavera and eggplant parm recipes and they turned out great, and were so easy to make. Looking through it, she seemed genuinely thrilled to get it.

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